traveling exhibitions


Pavlin Petrov is widely known with his both travelling exhibitions – “The Glagolitic Alphabet and Proto – Bulgaria Runes” and the second one, named “The Glagolitic Alphabet”. The first exhibition in fact was the first art cycle, created by the artist, and the beginning of his creative road. It was his first artistic gift to the people, who love art, because the exhibition has no commercial measures. The art pieces in it are not for sale, but all of them aim to reveal the incredible story of the ancient Bulgarian script. The art cycle had been exhibited in many cultural and representative national institutions in Bulgaria and around the world. The exhibition “The Glagolitic Alphabet” is the only personal exhibition in the art collections of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is travelling around the world as an ambassador of Bulgarian culture around the world and the art works that it includes are not for sale too.

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