The art cycle “The Glagolitic Alphabet and Proto Bulgarian Runes” of the artist Pavlin Petrov is the firs one in the row of cycles, included in his artistic biography. In his works, created along the 2008 in a memorable way are recreated separate runes, letters from the Glagolitic Alphabet / a script spread on a significant part of Europe in the ancient times / or various combinations of them. In the paintings of this cycle are deeply encoded messages from the distant past which become a kind of reasons for a pride to the new Bulgarians. In the same time they provoke the interest and the curiosity of those for whom the ancient Bulgarian alphabet is quite unknown and represents a bygone exotic. Precisely in this art cycle Pavlin found out with the help of experimentation his unique style of work and his distinctive creative approach, combining in a memorable way ceramics, textiles, wood, metal and leather. Canvases are relatively large in size, the colors are soft, pastel and close to natural, with the subtle and delicate addition of copper, silver and gold, which give the works a special splendor and mysticism. After his first exhibition in the autumn of 2008, the interest in the art cycle became great and the invitations for visit were numerous. This is why it became a traveling exhibition and was exposed at many iconic cultural and artistic places in Bulgaria, including ministries, agencies of the European authorities and museums. The exhibition has no commercial character; the author keeps its integrity and believes that it is one of the ambassadors of the Bulgarian culture and art around the world and together with it is a bridge to other cultures and communities in many different parts of our common home – the Earth.

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