Pavlin Petrov

The creative style of the artist Pavlin Petrov is bright, distinctive and memorable. Because of his courage and his innovative approach toward the building of the works, it can be defined as a mixed media, but because of the color and embossing of these works, they remind too much of applied art’s works. In his artworks Pavlin combines natural materials such as textiles, wood, metal and ceramics. The direction of his creative research is focused on authentic and stylized characters and signs from different ages, typical for many areas and cultures around the world. His works are saturated with mysticism; they are filled with positivism and light. In each of them are woven deep living and spiritual messages, in which are concentrated the wisdom of the human race and the immensity of the Universe. The owners of such works reveal that the proximity and the direct contact with these art pieces upload them, fill them with faith and tangibly make their lives better in all their aspects.

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