The art cycle “The Glagolitic Alphabet” is between the travelling exhibitions of the artist Pavlin Petrov. It is the only personal exhibition from the art collections of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which travels around the world as an ambassador of Bulgarian art and culture. The exhibition presents in its unique way the mystical script of the ancient Bulgarians, focusing on its role and significance for the whole Slavic world. Pavlin Petrov recreates these ancient characters with the help of his distinctive and memorable style of working. He manages to bring on the sense of these old, past times and in the same time to kindle the imagination of those who have the chance to be in touch with the art work included in the art cycle.
The Glagolitic Alphabet is an old script and is considered as the first alphabet used by the ancient Slavic world. Created by Constantine the Philosopher, this alphabet features some special beauty of the letters’ outlook. Along with that the Glagolitic Alphabet is unique because of the fact that each of its letters has its own meaning and the whole alphabet forms a meaningful text with a deep message, revealing the essence of our earthly life.

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