The circle – a symbol as simple as it is diverse in meanings and essences, interpreted again and again by different authors in the Art. The projection of Life, that has no beginning and no end, the eternal thirst for improvement, the continuous striving for completeness, harmony, integrity, a unity with the Cosmos, the Divine realms and the Eternity. We can find this universal form projected in our personal and social identity through the stamp, can recognize it in the halo of the Saints, labeling with it our personal, intimate territory, available for few close people, beyond which is the immutability of Time and Space, where we occur ourselves. Placed in the sacred borders of the circle, all symbols, ritual signs and images gain immeasurably greater power and influence, increase their vibrations, complement the feeling of magic and charisma with which they are initially saturated. The Creation, the Creativity, the Protection and the constant Force of fire complement the mystique, the impact and the imagery of the circle. The Art – cycle “Circles” by Pavlin Petrov is a beautiful and unforgettable trip in different ages, ethnicities and cultures around the world, predetermined by the trajectory of the circle, with the only one promise – to give you the unforgettable moments, spent with it!!!

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