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YIN AND YANG – The Harmony

Duality is the basis of the nature for all the visible and the invisible things, which surrounds us. The same duality is also the basis of the human soul. The sense of balance and harmony can be achieved only when the two living basics are in absolute or at least in relative balance. Yin and Yang are like the both sides of the same coin. They always exist together and find out the right expression through the light and the darkness, through the passive and the active beginning, through the visible and the invisible part of our lives, but the culmination of this symbol finds out its reflection in the female and male principle, a merging between which is a symbol of love. Each of these spiritual substances contains inside itself a particle from the other one. Their emerging one into the other is swirling the spiral of Eternity. The owners of this symbol manage to achieve and to preserve along the time the harmony of their lives, but the most valuable thing is that they managed to achieve the inner peace, a reflection of which is the happiness which they are living in.


MEASURES: 77 x 86 x 8 cm

MEDIA: Mixed Media


19,700 EUR

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