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TREE OF LIFE - Tree of Life


Tree of Life is a mystical symbol that has become а part of ancient runic system in which was used its stylized image. This symbol practically represents the idea for life as a tree that has been planted in the moment of our birth on this earth. To help our tree growing big, strong and fertile, we have to take care of it, keep it and cherish it. . If we nurture our Tree of Life with wisdom, love, faith and goodness, we will certainly pick of his precious fruits that we call happiness, success and realization. The owner of this symbol will enjoy a strong, fertile and beautiful Tree of Life sharing its fruits with his loving people. The artwork is a wonderful gift for newborns, their families or for people who had taken decision to change cardinally their life.


MEASURES: 20 x 30 x 3 cm

MEDIA: Mixed Media



1,450 EUR

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