SPRING OF LONGEVITY - Spring of Longevity
SPRING OF LONGEVITY - Spring of Longevity2
SPRING OF LONGEVITY - Spring of Longevity3
SPRING OF LONGEVITY - Spring of Longevity4


Longevity is one of the eternal longings of souls that had been incarnated in human bodies. Transience and fragility of our bodies is the basis of the people’s yarning to seek and discover different ways and possibilities to make their lives longer. The symbol recreated on the artwork is a part of ancient runic system and symbolizes the Spring of Longevity. Our ancestors had believed that the owners of that symbol will enjoy an enviable health, strength and longevity. People who own art works with this symbol reveal that it actually strengthens their spiritual energy and sustainability, gives them more courage and self-confidence. Practically it gives them a sense of immortality.


MEASURES: 20 x 30 x 3 cm

MEDIA: Mixed Media



1,450 EUR

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