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The modern people are suffering badly from their social and emotional isolation. Being hurt so many times, we all are trying to protect our hearts from the pain of being broken again and again. That is why we became more suspicious and distrustful. How wrong is that way! Taking it we can only turn our lives into a lonely, grey existence. We can not deny that our happiness is equal to love, friendship and shared living. Perhaps this is the main reason for us to go on our seeking. We need to find our loving soul mate. We need to trust on some friends; to share with them our sacred dreams, plans, feelings and emotions. If you still believe that your happiness is waiting you somewhere ahead you would find in that painting the strength and the faith that you need to reach it out and to welcome it in your life.


MEASURES:  760 x 70 x 3 cm

MEDIA: Mixed Media

15,700 EUR

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