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We rarely think that our feelings, thoughts, desires and aspirations are our Karma in this life and predict the next one. Positive or negative, our karma is the result of our personal and intimate choice that we make in every moment of our life. The Time and Space, in which we reside, obtain the significance only by the Meaning, that we give them… by the moments that we seal in them… by the Wisdom, that we supply, while we are going through them and they through us! So let us clean ourselves from the rotten residues of ego and selfishness! Let’s throw out the Envy, to bury deep the jealousy, to eradicate the weeds of mercantilism, to stay deaf for slander! Let’s open wide the windows of our human and Divine nature! Let’s welcome in the Love, the Compassion, the Forgiveness, the Faith, the Hope and do not stop to Enjoy, to Feel, to Experience and to acknowledge the great miracle of Life – Here and Now! Then our Karma will be a Blessing!


MEASURES: 50  x 50  x  3 cm

MEDIA: Mixed Media

14,500 EUR

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