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ANKH – The Key to Immortality

Among the most eternal longings of the human race in all ages of its existence is a longing for immortality and the transformation of our mortal transience to the eternal one. Ankh is one of the most sacred symbols associated with this eternal human desire. It is a peculiar combination between the cross as a symbol of Life and the circle as a symbol of Eternity, which union represents the Immortality. Anchored in the shackles of the material residence on this earth, the man never stops searching for his way toward eternal life, finding his reliance in love. In some sense Ankh symbolizes the unity of the divine feminine basic as Isis and the masculine divine basis as Osiris, the union between whom crowns the merging of our earthly and heavenly existence.
Our ancestors had believed that the ankh is the key that opens the gates to the afterlife. While these doors are locked and the man guards the key for them around his neck, close to his heart, death will not be able to take away his right to enjoy his earthly life.


MEASURES: 53 x 73 x 4 cm

MEDIA: Mixed Media

16,800 EUR

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